Sunday Sweetness.


Photo: Songs Of Freedom

Happy Sunday! Here are things I’m loving this morning:

- Having an amazing dog training session with Patrick, Jack, Ella and Lisa Marshall of Bark Busters yesterday.  We’re onto something big!

- That this time last week I was on a wonderful boat cruise for PROUD FM.  It had enough entertaining elements that made me want to write about it here, but haven’t had time.  Good thing.  PROUD FM creative director Kristen Goetz told a much better story than I would have – check it out :)

- Brad‘s party last night, and getting elegantly wasted.  Shout outs to Paul, Michael, Josh, all whom I admire x 100, plus the hotness that is Laurie (and that scarf!), the genius of Susanna. Being in the same room as Iris Turcotte.

- A note from Kevin H. this morning.  Kevin won the 2: contest to attend the Byron Katie weekend workshop on now here in the city: “Shaun, This weekend is changing my life … thank you again so so so so much to you and GGT for this awesome contest.  It’s an amazing experience so far, and an amazing experience to share.” (Stick around, Kevin – you’ll love what we’re up to next!)

- Rediscovering Sybil’s “The Love I Lost”, on Britain’s Top Of The Pops!

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  • Kris

    Aw, thanks for linkin’ me darlin!

    I wanna know more about the dog training! I may also need to go that route w/ my terrors.

  • Lisa Marshall – Bark Buster Trainer

    Hi Kris,

    Let me know if you want to talk dog! Visit our site and punch in your postal code to see if I might be your trainer…or call me at 416-988-3169

    Lisa Marshall

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