The 4:20 – Hope And Possibility.

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Last week was a goodie for queers and their allies. To see California’s ban on same-sex marriage receive a kick in the cajones by the declaration of federal judge Vaughan Walker that it’s unconstitutional, is hope and possibility of final victory when the case goes to the Supreme Court.

It’s been interesting to note, as thousands of stakeholders declared Walker their hero on Facebook and Twitter networks, that actually, Walker – a George W. Bush appointee, to the chagrin of queers at the time – has career notches from his former legal private practice which include representing the U.S. Olympics in a lawsuit against the “Gay Olympics”.  At the time Walker put a lien on the games’ founder’s house, who was bedridden, dying of AIDS.

Seems Walker represents more hope and more possibility than perhaps many of us even realized.

* Further related reading: On HIMBO!‘s sister site, blogger Andrew Vail felt so poorly for the distraught evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson following the Prop 8 gain, he just had to write a conciliatory open letter.

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