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Hey, hope your Labour Day weekend was labour free – I spent mine drowning in DVDs, books, and martinis.  Here are three great Musts from my weekend gone by worth sharing:

This doc takes a look at America’s obsession with beauty, but, let’s face it, it’s an obsession that crosses many borders.  From the power of the beauty industry to dieting to plastic surgery to vastly differing definitions of what beauty is, America The Beautiful offers a fast-paced and fascinating look at a topic that deeply affects us all.  Interwoven is the story of the meteoric rise and dramatic fall of a beautiful model who becomes the hit of the prestige runways – at age 12. Now out on DVD.

I’m not the guy to put “LOL” after every sentence I ever write in an email or Twitter post.  Though I like to laugh a lot, it’s rare that I’m sitting at my keyboard so jolly as to be laughing out loud with every missive.  I find the exaggerated enthusiasm of ‘LOL’ questionable at best when on the receiving end, and at worst I worry whether or not the sender is actually in the middle of a horrible downward psychological spiral if they are truly constantly laughing out loud the way they claim to be.

But man did I LOL – a lot – reading Chelsea Handler‘s Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, the latest collection of stories from her life, be it the practical joke she and her staff played on her husband involving a dead dog, or the first chapter, a full detailing of her discovery at age 8 of the glory of masturbation.  I’m promising you, this tale alone had me in stitches, to the point where Eddie looked over and said: “Okay, you’re just faking it now.  Nothing is that funny.”  Oh but you’re wrong, Eddie, so wrong.  LOL.

Last up, my friend Rico shared this video on Leadership Lessons with me.  I just loved it, enjoy!

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