Feel GOOD Friday!

It Was Great To Meet Singer Prita Chhabra At CP24, And Hear About Her Time In Malawi And The Affect Of HIV/AIDS There.

W.O.W. what a week.  As I said to Eddie Wednesday night as we cabbed to CP24 to do my World AIDS Day spot, I feel like we’re all racing towards the finish line before the chill period known as The Holidays allows for some deserved R&R.  It’s been a full-on, multi-tasking, focus-focus-focus time – here’s what I’m loving as we head into the weekend:

:) Yesterday, the first day in so many that couldn’t be aptly described as ‘frantic’, I took a mental health day and did pretty much sweet dick all.  I used to take one a month back in my finance days as a rule – working for myself I guess that rule’s gone by the wayside these last ten years.  But oh what bliss ..

:) E! in Canada.  Chelsea Handler, Keeping Up With The Kardashians – life just keeps getting better!  Ideal for mental health days, and catch the Kardashian marathon starting tonight! Krazy!

:) People already asking me about the next Law Of Attraction: 101.  I’m not holding one this month, but please join us in the New Year on January 22nd at our new location, Trillium College on Church Street.  ‘Like’ this Facebook page to stay in the loop – especially if you’re interested in X-Canada and U.S. dates.

:) I’ve got ‘Unexpected’, the EP by Austria’s Lylit on repeat right now.  Her debut album Evasion comes out late winter and if the seven songs on her EP are indication, then Child, I think we have a retro-soul winner.

:) As I mentioned last week, for the first time in years I’m really in the Christmas spirit.  Yesterday on my mental health day I even wrote letters to aunts and uncles in England I’ve not been good about staying in touch with, and on Tuesday my tech-dude, the handsome Kimon, shared this vid he shot of the CP Christmas train leaving Summerhill, which made me smile:

:) Oxygen facials.  So perfect for the havoc this switcheroo in temperatures in Toronto is about to take on our skin, leaving you captial-M Moist.  Can’t wait for mine this aft.

:) Our online auction is now live on GayGuideToronto.com – $500 worth of pop culture prizes up for grabs, and at the time of this writing, top bid is $50 - so what are you waiting for?  Your money goes to The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and The AIDS Committee of Toronto.  Get your holiday shopping done in one go and see your cash go to a great cause!

:) By now we’re all familiar with the wonderful ‘It Gets Better’ response to the queer bullying related suicides.  So I triple-love this parody video: ‘It Gets Worse’, which is just delicious:

Have a wonderful weekend! The HIMBO! video holiday gift guide starts Monday!

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