Two Things:

I’m really appreciating two things in my life right now.  Really appreciating.

1) Anyone who knows me or has read HIMBO! for a while knows of the little girl who has me wrapped around her paw, Ella, the Cocker Spaniel Eddie and I adopted from the local humane society when she was 6 months old.  She’s now 3.  They know that when we first got her, we couldn’t touch her without her attacking, she’d been beaten by previous owners to the point of not trusting hands or people all that much.  Still today she’s a tad wary of others.

But the other night Eddie was out, Jack the Daschund was sleeping across the room and Annie the cat was snoozing on a pillow and I was stretched out on the couch, texting with friends.  Ella hopped up by my side (she loves to curl up with me now).  But, for the first time ever, she rolled onto her back.  She gave herself a stretch right out by my side and instantly fell asleep, her head buried into me.

I put my phone down, and let my fingers softly touch her chest and waited.  Ella didn’t move, didn’t growl.  So I made small circles, letting my fingers move down to her doggie belly.  Still no warning noise, no sign of impending attack.  And from there I gave her what all dogs love and deserve, I gave her what I haven’t been able to give her for two-and-a-half years: a lovely belly rub.  I caressed her squishy tummy, I massaged her chest, I rubbed her legs, even her paws, and it was then that she let out a massive sigh, letting go of all resistance, falling deeply asleep.

I didn’t stop, not for a whole hour until Eddie came home and his doing so woke her up.  She raced over to greet him.  “We won, Ella,” I told her as she jumped all over Eddie.

I’m still high from it all, you can’t buy that kind of high.

2) Today Eddie and I are heading off to see a location we’ve found that we think we’ll get married at this September.  Last night that suddenly hit me and it was the weirdest concept to suddenly ponder: getting married, me.  That’s a gay thing, growing up never thinking about marrying a partner.  And a Shaun thing, having partners that just were not the people to marry.  And now today, off we go, location hunting.

Amazing, amazing, amazing, and I appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

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