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Thank You Jeanne Cooper

DEATH OF A LEGEND :: I only ever wrote one fan letter in my life. It was to Jeanne Cooper, the titan of daytime, “Mrs. Katherine Chancellor” on The Young and The Restless since its inception. “Duchess” to her son, Brock, “you old bat” to her arch-nemisis and ultimate champion, Jill.

When I came back from lunch yesterday, I wasn’t surprised to hear she died. Continue Reading…

My Husband Wants A Cow

LIKE IT’S ALREADY DONE :: Saturday I hosted my last Law of Attraction workshop for a while. At least until September, but I’m feeling there’s an expansion of what we’ve been doing coming on, so I’m letting it marinate within me. But we talked a lot that morning about the topic of trust, of allowing the Universe to do the work it has to do to give you what you want. We get in the way so much with our controlling natures, so convinced that it’s us who need worry about the ‘how’ of creating the life we want.

So, walking my talk, I took yesterday off. Continue Reading…

Project Life Story

BREAKING GROUND :: If you haven’t had a chance to see the amazing Life Story Project, run don’t walk. I absolutely love this OWN Canada show, which manages to pull off mission impossible: getting Canadians to bear their hearts and soul stories on camera, and in the most public of places. Continue Reading…

Room With A View

PERSPECTIVE :: The building in which I live has wonderful energy, probably because of the nuns and nurses who once occupied the space, filled with great intentions. Next door is a palliative care facility.

“So we even have great energy coming from the space next to us,” I said to a friend not too long ago.

“Ewww!” she said, clearly not on the same page Continue Reading…

Shifting The Energy

LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR :: I have a neighbour who has been driving me nuts. He probably doesn’t even know it, and I’m sure he doesn’t mean it. But he says things I think are inappropriate, he doesn’t seem to value others’ privacy, and he isn’t the best communicator. I don’t like running into him or chatting with him.

So of course I ran into him on the weekend. I was with a friend, and right away the neighbour starts talking and I’m thinking, “Yeah, just not a conversation you should have with someone and their friend you just met.” Continue Reading…

Wrinkle Free Living

IRON, MAN :: Sometimes, like this morning, you might wake up, as I did, with a certain subject rubbing you the wrong way. I woke up feeling slightly off, slightly burdened, slightly irritated. So the first thing I did (after making coffee) was to write a full page of the positive aspects on that subject, which made me realize I had more going right about the subject at hand than wrong, that I am making more progress on this subject than I was giving myself credit for.

Kind of like ironing out the shirt you wear before leaving the house, only it’s ironing out a testy vibration before you greet the world.

Hey, it’s HIMBO! - the book! Pre-order today and save 25%!

Power Thought

All’s Not Lost

CO-OPERATIVE COMPONENTS :: Before the holidays my husband and I met our friend Richard Ryder for lunch, at a restaurant with awful service. Stupid stuff, like one of us asking for water and only one of us getting water. Should we have each put in a request?  Isn’t this sort of thing “Restaurant 101″? Patrick needed ketchup for his fries, after waiting to spot the waiter he finally gave up Continue Reading…

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