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Co-Operative Components.

Photo: Patrick Marano

Here is a post that may not make sense to those outside the Toronto queer community. The following is the statement of support I gave today at the press conference Pride Toronto held announcing it’s decision to disallow the group “Israelis Against Apartheid”:

Photo: Patrick Marano

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The 4:20 – The Pride Of Toronto

(Pssst! Do you enjoy a good 4:20?  Check this out: Marble Slab Creamery asked me to create the flavour in honour of my popular on-air daily commentary; and who was I to say no?  I have created an intoxicating blend of Swiss chocolate, classic caramel and brownie bits, my favourite combo (“Ideal!” says my friend Maryjane.)

Best part:  Marble Slab Creamery will donate $1 to a project I’m involved in: HEART FM in East Africa, with the goal to support human rights messaging there. Their generous offer is for 4:20 ice cream sold in the month of May, so run don’t walk.

A new Marble Slab Creamery is at Yonge/Dundas across from the HMV, there’s one in The Beach, and several across the GTA. (For my American and cross-Canada readers, check your local outlets and see if they carry the new flavour!)

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Vegas Bound!

Hang Tight, Cher! I'm Coming!

Hey, I get to go to Vegas tonight!  I expect to continue blogging from there.  (What happens in Vegas should be blogged about. *HIMBO! note: I didn’t end up blogging; too drunk too often.)  Meanwhile, I’m starting to get a lot of entrepreneurial peeps asking me if I know how to get their business involved in Pride.  Why yes, Kitten, it so happens I do!

Pride Toronto Business Opportunities:

Do you run your own event during Pride Week?
Get listed in The Official Pride Guide as an Affiliated Event and become part of Pride Week’s Calendar of Events.

Would you like to extend your hours of operation / liquor license until 4am ?
NOW AVAILABLE TORONTO-WIDE, Pride Week Partners Program allows bars, clubs, restaurants and venue to apply for extended liquor service until late-night hours.

Are you a business looking to sell products or services during Pride?
Pride Toronto’s Street Fair creates a Market Place, a Community Fair, and offer prime locations for Food Vendors across the Festival Site. Set up a booth in the middle of the action and interact directly with Pride Week attendees.

Looking to advertise your business? This is the last chance to book space in the The Official Pride & Pocket Guide 150,000 copies of the 30th Anniversary “Official Pride Guide” are printed and distributed across Toronto & 60,000 copies of the Pocket Guide are available across the Pride Site.

For these and other opportunities related to Pride Week visit Pride Toronto’s website.

There!  Distribute widely!


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