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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 17, 2011 Shaun Proulx Media announced today that founder Shaun Proulx has formally dropped his wrongful termination lawsuit against Dufferin Communications (Evanov Radio Group), owners of 103.9 PROUD FM. Continue Reading…


Feel GOOD Friday!

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While it’s fun to be composing my weekly list of things I’m loving – especially given I haven’t been around the past few Fridays to do so – it’s odd to do it when I’m horribly, horribly hungover not feeling 100% “good” this morning.  But I won’t let a little heavy mixing booze indulgence weigh me down, here’s what I’m loving Advil, water, coffee, fatty foods as we head into the weekend:

:) Back running! After a winter wading towards Delta Burke territory, I’m loving being out exercising and especially living close to Lake Ontario to run alongside it. Continue Reading…

Something To Drink

Along With Coriander And Angelica, Juniper Berries Are A Key Ingredient In Gin. I Love Gin.

Wow, back from my writing retreat seclusion and fever pitch has been reached with this royal wedding business, I see!

During last night’s taping of our royal wedding episode of UNCENSORED! (thanks for the love you’ve been giving us about it!) Mark Wigmore and I toasted Wills and Kate with a gin cocktail called Something Old. (Gin’s used a lot in royal wedding cocktails, it’s the fave of Queen Elizabeth – gin and wine aperitif – while hubby Phil, like me, loves a classic gin martini.)

Inspired by the Victorian wedding adage ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’, I got the recipe from Angus Winchester, the esteemed Brit mixologist (he’s shaken and served for the royal family).  When he found out I had been invited to but couldn’t attend the royal wedding (due to the UNCENSORED! taping and Wigmore’s unwillingness to reschedule – thanks), Angus quickly sent me the rest of the Something cocktail recipes series to calm my nerves.  These mixes are great for raising a glass to tomorrow’s impending nuptials – and all summer long.

Here there are, and by the way, there’s NOTHING wrong with a pre-dawn sip tomorrow – especially if you stay up all night tonight! Continue Reading…

I Feel Therefore I Eat

Does Reading About Charlie Sheen Make My Ass Look Fat?

This weekend Eddie and I were up north at the location we’ll be married at late this summer; our friends Nicolle and Dan are hosting. Nicolle, an old pal from my finance days – I taught her how to walk in mules – has been our wedding planner extraordinaire since our engagement, greatly helping with all the fuss and muss and considerations of a wedding that fairly ensure I’ll only do this ‘get married’ thing one time.

The last three days were a chance to really sit down and dig into it – although I have to say both Nicolle and Eddie have had shovels in their hands for months.  But what a lot got done up north, leaving time for play, time for rest, and time to eat and talk about my fat ass. Continue Reading…

Feel GOOD Friday!

One Of A Few Fun Pieces Of Y&R Memerobillia I Have :)

Oh Happy Friday! I get to split down this afternoon with Eddie to check out a wedding venue – it will be nice to leave the city briefly and we’re bringing the dogs. I love taking them on roadtrips and savour the idea of a long, muddy walk with Ella somewhere new when we wake up tomorrow morning.  Here’s what else I’m loving, weekend bound:

:) Whoever controls the purple, controls the world. So says one of the many sayings on tee’s selling online at The Purple Store, which I learned about from Leah Morrigan‘s fun ode to my favourite colour on her blog.  Leah’s a men’s image consultant who I met on my former radio show when she came in to make over Wigmore.

:) Which leads me to UNCENSORED! – my new podcast with my hairy pal.  Our latest episode is up and wonderful reviews have been coming in: Loved it. :) I wish there were perhaps two a week? - Christine … I love the two of you. - Leanne … Ok, I’m addicted.  UNCENSORED! is FAB.  There’s nothing these two guys won’t say. - Shawn.  Thanks everyone for checking it out!  Soon there will be an app for that! Continue Reading…


Who IS This Man, And WHY Was He On UNCENSORED! This Week?

Mad crazy times what with new office digs in progress and our Internet provider being as little help as possible. BUT the good news is there is light by god – LIGHT! – at the end of the tunnel, so let’s celebrate with the new UNCENSORED! episode I taped last week with my gal pal Mark Wigmore but could not post until today. NSFW, which is all part of the fun :)

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Unretouched Photo.

After I taped this week’s episode of UNCENSORED! with Mark Wigmore, we had a photo shoot for our podcast cover at the new Ritz Carlton Hotel with photographer Dustin Rabin, whose work you’ve seen on the cover of Rolling Stone, so obviously we were jazzed. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw Dustin, and he reminded me it was when we ran into each other at a club in Las Vegas, and I still couldn’t remember. Anyway, Dustin doesn’t send out a photo without a little cleaning up, so he took the raw, unretouched image of us, above … Continue Reading…

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